Design of Tall Buildings with Seismic Design Course by TUMCIVIL.COM and Eulogy Group

Dates: 20 – 21 September 2017
Organised by: TUMCIVIL.COM and Eulogy Group (Thailand) Co Ltd

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Paiboon Panyakapo
M.Eng (Structure Engineering) AIT
D.Eng (Structural Engineering) AIT


Tall buildings are a special class of structures with their own peculiar characteristics and requirements. Tall buildings are often occupied by a large number of people. Therefore, their damage, loss of functionality, or collapse can have very severe and adverse consequences on the life and limb and on the economy of the affected regions. Each tall building represents a significant investment and as such tall building analysis and design is generally performed using more sophisticated techniques and methodologies. Furthermore, typical building code provisions are usually developed without particular attention to tall buildings, which represent a very small portion of the construction activity in most regions. Therefore, understanding modern approaches to seismic analysis and design of tall buildings can be very valuable to structural engineers and researchers who would like to have a better grasp on design and performance of these icons of a modern megacity.

Why Attend
  • Two days of comprehensive seminar and customised hands-on workshop
  • Learn from several case studies and application examples presented by experts
  • Several application design examples in the course
Who Should Attend
  • Structural designers, civil engineers and consultants
  • Structural engineers with little or no experience in seismic engineering
  • Master’s and Ph.D. students
Seminar Benefits
  • Acquire techniques for building and tall building design
  • Acquire techniques for enhancing seismic performance of existing structures and new construction
  • Recognise how to apply simple principles of structural dynamics in seismic design and analysis
  • Understand the purposes and limitations of current building code seismic provisions
  • Advance skills for assessing seismic behavior of existing structures
Registration fee for 2-day seminar: THB 3,900 (U.P. THB 5,000)
*Registration fee includes free handout and other giveaways


Day 1
  • Understanding structural behaviour
  • Conceptual design (Structural system development)
  • Dynamic behaviour of tall buildings
  • Wind effects on tall buildings
  • Slab and flat slab design
  • Shear walls, braced frames, moment frames design
  • Precast and column design
  • Footing and mat foundation design
  • Retrofit building concepts
  • Application examples
Day 2
  • Earthquake characteristics
  • Earthquake structure interaction
  • Equivalent lateral force and response spectrum methods
  • Modern building design codes
  • Structural dynamics fundamental concepts
  • Performance based analyses
  • Conceptual seismic design
  • Seismic design methods
  • Design and detailing of buildings with seismic concepts
  • Application examples

Seminar will be conducted in Thai language. Click here for more information.