P3 Advertisement Order Form

Thank you for choosing to exhibit at and support Tube Southeast Asia 2025. In order to make your experience the best it can be, please refer to the advertising options below to maximise your presence at the exhibition and to reach out to a targeted audience.

Please be informed that sections marked with “*“ in this form are mandatory.

*Exhibitor Details


Maximise your online presence on the exhibition website. Give trade visitors a preview of what to expect at the exhibition. Feature your new product, share latest solutions and stay connected with your buyers before the exhibition!

Click here to view sample of website advertising options

Website OptionsDescriptionPrice (in SGD)
Gold (limited to 3 exhibitors)
  1. Homepage banner - 660px (w) x 200px (h)
  2. Featured exhibitor page
    • product/service write-up (up to 800 words)
    • additional 5 product images
  3. Logo listing > "In the Spotlight" running ticker on homepage
(Worth S$2,800 ) 
Silver (limited to 3 exhibitors)
  1. Product highlights page leader board - 1140px (w) x 200px (h)
  2. Logo listing > "In the Spotlight running ticker on homepage
(Worth S$1,350 ) 
Bronze (limited to 3 exhibitors)
  1. Visitor registration page leader board - 1140px (w) x 200px (h)
  2. Logo listing > "In the Spotlight" running ticker on homepage
(Worth S$750 ) 
"In the Spotlight" running tickerLogo listing > "In the Spotlight" running ticker on homepageS$300 
Exhibitors & Products page > Direct hyperlink
  • Direct hyperlink to company's website
  • Web button for redirection

Show Guide

This essential guide contains all the important exhibition details such as exhibitor listing, floorplan, event calendar and general information of the exhibition. Distributed to trade visitors upon registration, advertisers can be certain of visibility throughout the exhibition.

Show Guide OptionsDescriptionPrice (in SGD)
Banner Advertisement (limited to 10 exhibitors)Size: 60mm (w) x 30mm (h)
(Position of the advertisement to be determined by the organiser)
Company Logo on Floorplan (limited to 10 exhibitors)Size: Logo maximised according to floorplanS$150 

Show Update Vol 1 & Vol 2

Part of direct mailing campaign for visitor promotions. These flyers will be printed and distributed via mail to some 30,000 and email broadcasted to some 50,000 carefully curated distribution list of medical professionals in the Asian region.
Show Update Vol 1 & Vol 2 OptionsDescriptionPrice (in SGD)
1 (one) Full Page Full Colour Advertisement (limited to 16 exhibitors)Size: 210mm (w) × 297mm (h)
(Position of the advertisement to be determined by the organiser)

Published in ONE of the following Show Updates:
Vol 1: To be circulated in May 2023
Vol 2: To be circulated in July 2023
S$1,200 per page per volume

On-site Branding

Enjoy prominent on-site advertising, located strategically at the exhibition hall foyer. For images and location enquiries, please contact us at tube@mda.com.sg
On-site Branding OptionsDescriptionPrice (in SGD)
Poster Boards (Limited to 7 boards)Specification: System pifex frame with poster printer on foam board (double side)
Artwork dimension (of poster): 0.8m (W) x 1.7m (H)
S$1,200 Per board (double-sided)
Column Wrap (Limited to 7 columns)Specification: Wood construction with 4-sided inkjet sticker wrap
Dimension: 3.5m(H) x 1.2m(L)
S$1,500 per column
Foyer Billboard - Single Side (Limited to 2 boards)Specification: Structure with digital print and spotlights
Billboard Dimension: 2.4m(H) x 4m(L) x 0.5m(W)
S$2,000 each
Foyer Billboard - Double Side (Limited to 2 hoards)Specification: Structure with digital print and spotlights
Billboard Dimensions: 2.4m(H) x4m(L) x0.5m(W)
Contact tube@mda.com.sg for more details

Email Marketing - Banner Placement

Increase your digital presence with our targeted email marketing broadcasts to both potential and registered visitors - insert a banner in our Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), and reach out to the printing and packaging industry.
Email Marketing - Banner Placement OptionsDescriptionPrice (in SGD)
1 (One) BannerSize: 650px (w) x 200px (h)S$500 
3 (Three) BannersSize: 650px (w) x 200px (h)
The 3 (three) banners will be placed in 3 separate EDM.
(Worth S$1,500 ) 
Note: Position of banners to be determined by the organiser.

Order Summary


  1. Prices quoted may subject to 7% VAT for companies registered in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  2. Prices quoted are based on introductory rates, and are on a nett basis.
  3. Order is based on first-come-first-served basis and is subjected to availability.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to change all terms and conditions without any written notice.