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EJP Maschinen GmbH has been designing, producing, and selling modularized and individual production systems for the manufacture of bars, tubes, and profiles since 1981. The spectrum covers all production steps, from the delivery of the material to drawing, peeling, straightening, and testing, to the storage of the finished products. EJP is the only supplier of combined drawing machines that produces in Germany. With a variety of innovations, EJP has repeatedly proven its position as a technology leader. For example, the peeling machines produce perfectly round bars due to the patented head adjustment.

At the main factory in Baesweiler near Aachen, EJP mainly manufactures machines for processing tubes, bars, and profiles with 45 employees. With additional subsidiaries in Italy, South Korea, and China, EJP employs almost 250 people worldwide. Additionally, the EJP Group includes EJP-TOSCA Strahlanlagen GmbH, which manufactures wheel blast equipment for a wide range of applications, and EJP WIRE Technology GmbH, which produces equipment for wire production.