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At Versowood, we specialize in the production of cable drums, wooden coils, and pallets. As the largest drum and pallet manufacturer in Northern Europe, we have the capability to produce approximately 5 million pallets annually.

Our pallets and cable drums are PEFC-certified, ensuring sustainable and responsible sourcing of materials. Additionally, we are authorized manufacturers of EUR and FIN pallets.

To maintain the highest quality standards, our entire manufacturing process, from production to sales and services, is certified with the ISO 14001 standard. We also adhere to the ISO 9001 standard for operational excellence.

We prioritize the use of exportable sawn timber that complies with the ISPM 15 standard, ensuring safe and compliant international shipments. Our wooden drums range in diameter from 400 to 3,900 mm, while plywood drums range from 300 to 1,500 mm.
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